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Director + Architect


As an architect, director and co-owner at Green Tea Architects. Charlene is known for her hands-on, client focused approached to every project.

Charlene directs her skill and experience into finding the best possible understanding of her client's vision. Charlene now applies her business skills to develop the practice with a focus on business growth.

Charlene is always looking at ways to create new opportunities for GTA and creating a better working environment & culture for the team. Charlene actively looks at sourcing, analysing and capitalising on development opportunity from concept to completion. Whilst, identifying risk, timescales and return on investments.

As a black female architect and mother, Charlene is passionate about inclusion for women in property and construction. Charlene strives to promote the need for an inclusive culture and is committed to placing social value at the core of the practice.


In addition to breaking down industry norms by encouraging people from a broad range of backgrounds to consider a career in construction. Charlene believes by doing so we will reflect the metropolitan city that we work in which in turn will enrich and diversify the way we work.

Charlene gained valuable experience in working at small practices in London playing a key role in a range of projects sectors whilst gaining experience in running a successful business.

Born and raised in London, Charlene completed her BA (Hons) Architecture at the University of Westminster, gained her Diploma in Architecture and following that went on to acquire a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of East London.

Charlene completed her professional qualifications at the University of Westminster.

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