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the green nest



The Green Nest has been created for BowWowHaus London the project is a collaboration between pet charity Blue Cross and an American not-for-profit organisation Outdoor Arts Foundation.


Green Tea Architects and a number of other architects, artists and designers were approached to create a bespoke kennel to be displayed in London until April 26th 2018.  Following this date, the kennel will be auctioned off and all the proceeds donated to the charity.

The unique design has had some input from Ben Fogle who wanted the dog kennel to fit within a rustic setting and wanted the kennel to be made of timber. The colours are inspired by GTA's logo and the wool used enables us to see the beauty of the timberwork which was cut by Shape London. Light wool wrapped around the front of the kennel and darker denser wool to be to the back of the kennel area for sleeping and resting.




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