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copper beech cafe

(herne hill)


Green Tea Architects were chosen to design a new build Pavilion Café for James Allen Girls (JAG’S Sports’ Club) which sits in a large plot of land adjacent to 'The Charter School'. The club wanted a new cafe that would be simple to maintain, sustainable and would sit comfortably in its existing setting. Equipped with a small kitchen that could provide healthy snacks and beverage on site.

Previously members had to leave the site for any form of food or drinks which the club saw as a missed opportunity. The project is located close to Dulwich village which is in an area of outstanding and high quality builds. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the proposals with the client to ensure the addition would fit into the surrounding building as the cafe is adjoined to the sports club but also meet their requirement. 


The cafe has been designed with a very simple flat green roof, and a long structure utilising the once unused space in front of the sports club where the huge copper beech tree sits. The cafe has one wall of glazing which provides views out to the open space. The tree has now become a feature within the space. The cafe utilises simple yet effective technologies throughout to ensure it is economical to run and maintain. 


The planting and landscaping are integral to the overall design as it softens the edges of the dominant structures and defines the pedestrianised and the vehicular spaces.


The planners were very receptive to our design and approach and welcomed the new addition to the club and granting permission with very few conditions. The pavilion is now open to the JAG Sports Club members and members of the school.




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