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For this project, we were given the challenging brief of restoring this 19th Century former coach house and kitchen gardens in South East London into a beautiful three bedroom family home. 

The overall aim was to conserve the existing character of the buildings on the site, whilst also providing the functionality and performance of a modern house. Above the floor level windows, the original ornate lintel bricks have been painstakingly restored and the original Charles Collinge hinges to the garage doors have also been restored. The garage doors have been slatted to allow daylight through, this sympathetically knits the new spaces with the existing building fabric to provide continuity with the remainder of the garages on the site.

Green Tea Architects' key move was to provide a glazed link between the coach house and adjoining garages, this allowed the accommodation to be spread over the footprint of the two spaces. The two gabled loft spaces of the coach house - formerly used to store hay, have been utilised to provide bedrooms. A number of large rooflights were included to provide bright internal spaces, these also provide views of the surrounding context and sky. Sliding doors to the main façade provide views and access to the landscaped courtyard.




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