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About contemporary 'vernacular architecture'

Spanish Botijo

We all like vernacular architecture because it speaks to us about our home, our place, our people... Vernacular architecture responds to climate and culture - it encourages the sense of place and enhances our identity.

To explain its great benefits, we will use a Spanish 'Botijo' which sums up excellently the wisdom of popular design.

The material with which it is built, the clay, is not arbitrary but responds to its porosity to cool the water with its evaporation. The clay emerges from the same soil where it is crafted and where it is probably going to be used what means an insuperable media saving an excellent integration in the field which it will be supported.

The form is no random or banal but i is defined by its construction process, in the lathe and the design of the mouth and spout, as well as the handle that is an example of effectiveness.

The beauty of the object, like so many objects of popular culture, arises from its ingenuity and simplicity.

We would like our Architecture to work in the same way, solving with ingenuity places and needs based on communal sense; that was so effective that we found it beautiful.

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