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New school in Malawi


education for the future



The project starts with the community!

Our team's prime focus when outlining the scheme was to continuously revert back to the community and the unique location of Benga. We offer our expertise as architects to assist in the blueprint of expanding a community alongside those who live here and those who have exposure in constructing with local and natural materials here in Benga.

The secondary school will assist in the growth of the Benga community alongside Benga Parish and the existing primary school.

We feel it is important for the new school to have a correlation with the existing school as well as a direct relationship to highlight the continuous progression of the children from primary school, followed by secondary school.

The idea focuses on a 'cluster' of buildings with the potential to expand as the community grows both mentally and physically. A line of trees act as a natural organic entrance into the school. Upon entry, you are met with a circular community space that we hope will be utilised as a place to congregate and be recognised as a key means of orientation, and potentially a pivotal point in how the community interact and grow.

The expansion of the 'cluster' is seen as the physical representation of the community growing.




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