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youth & play provision



The youth and play provision in New Cross is a ‘well established community based hub with an adventure playground’ that provides a wide range of youth services both support and activities to school aged children. The charity had outgrown the single storey building it was quite dark, had no direct access to the playground and was in disrepair. Not only this the provision was not visible from the street as the site's boundary is constructed brick wall and high level fence.

To keep cost to a minimum the new building was constructed on the same footprint with an additional storey on top. This part of the build was clad in cedar with large windows of varied sizes and heights for both younger and older children to have a view out to the playground. There are also several doors from the main space out to the adventure playground.

To make the building visible from the street we added a single-story portion clad in red Trespa panels which sits on the perimeter of the site. This portion of the building acts as the primary entrance into the space. Exposed concrete blocks and an exposed metal deck ceiling makes up the building construction in addition to a dark brick plinth which acts as the skirting. The construction provides not only a robust building for the children but also helped keep construction cost down.

The building is now in use and the facilities now meet the needs of the users. Not only this the provision can now hire spaces out for events meetings or workshops to create extra revenue.




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