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storrington prayer loft



Situated in the picturesque village of Storrington in West Sussex. A couple commissioned GTA to create a new contemplation space adjacent to their spacious family home. The client came to us with a very strong brief the new space was for an additional floor to added on top of their existing garage. The space was for an Anglican Priest to have a space to pray and meditate in. The private home sits within a three-acre mixed woodland garden backing onto the woods of Sandgate Park a conservation area and site of special and scientific interest.

The prayer loft form is a funnel shape that points north. The top of the funnel is glazed with a large roof light to allow light to filter down into the space. The building has low level windows that provide views of the surroundings when its inhibitors are sitting or kneeling. The roof forms the majority of the building which is covered in cedar shingles with a balcony cut into the roof at the rear that provides beautiful views out to the garden. Internally, the proposed spaces are natural with jute carpets, timber joinery and a wood burning stove. The space is grand and bright creating a unique space with an abundance of natural light.

The new prayer lofts function is not for space, but rather as a way to bring providing an oasis within a busy family household for meditation and reflection. The design creates a space for the client to enjoy away from the main house. On the ground floor, the garage space was reduced to make way for a timber staircase and generous workshop. Carefully positioned roof lights, glazing and internal openings create new and direct views out towards the mature garden.




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